About me...
I am a photographer and artist, working in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pastel and graphite. My husband and I moved to Wake Forest, NC in September 2007 from Long Island, NY. We relish the beauty and climate of the area. We also appreciate the relaxed and mellow pace and the friendliness of the people. We are fortunate to have our children and beloved grandsons living here as well.

I have always been an avid photographer, and am rarely without a camera. When I retired from the NYC school system in 2003, I decided to pursue my interest in Fine Art. I enrolled in the Botanical Illustration program at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, NY. It was there that I learned to draw and paint, and I also made some lasting friendships. I have traveled with the former director of the program, Mindy Lighthipe, on Artist tours to Costa Rica, France and the Galapagos Islands. What wondrous places to visit; the eye candy was overwhelming.

I am available for commission work of graphite or acrylic portraits of your family or pets, including your favorite koifish. I work from photographs, and am available to take the photos as well. Please contact me for more information @ 516-316-4968, or by filling out the online form here.

**Please note that more of my work will be added to this website soon.

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